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    • Fall Mood Perfect Line Collection Trench Coat
    • ♡ LouisAngel designed Trench coat ♡
      Proudly presenting another design to our most-loved collection of trench coats
    • US$ 152.73 US$ 129.82 (↓15.00%)
    • High End Collection Two Button Tailored Jacket
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed suit jacket ☆
      Enjoy this classic piece of our PREMIUM LINE.
    • US$ 111.45 US$ 94.73 (↓15.00%)
    • Classic Check Print Tailored Jacket
    • ☆LouisAngel designed Blazer ☆
      This tailored jacket can be styled both formally to work or casually with jeans ♡ A classic piece to wear on a windy day!
    • US$ 105.26 US$ 89.47 (↓15.00%)
    • Modern Pleated Detail Collared Jacket
    • A short jacket with stylish details ☆
      The soft pleated design and fabric lined buttons make this item unique and put together ♡ Just look at the amount of detail placed on this item !
    • US$ 81.90
    • French Chic Check Print Belted Jacket
    • ♡ LouisAngel designed Check Print Belted jacket ♡
      Belted Check Blazer to look smart ☆ A long lasting season-less item
    • US$ 110.42
    • Gold Detail Belt Strap Tailored Jacket
    • LouisAngel designed Jacket with gold details ☆ stay sophisticated with this trendy jacket ☆
    • US$ 105.26
    • Check Print Two Button Tailored Jacket
    • ♬ LouisAngel designed check print blazer ♬
      Securing the quality under the label LouisAngel, the simple check print with copper cuffs make this item stylish and unique ♡ Perfect to wear with formal slacks, jeans and skirts!
    • US$ 92.65
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    • Luxe Fox Fur Padded Trench Coat
    • US$ 699.69