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Squared Toe Lace-Up Walking Boots

Square toe boot platform heels that complete your look in any weather ♬ (Style it with a leather coat to look extra chic)

Squared Toe Lace-Up Walking Boots
Product Code 52874
Price US$ 50.87
Point 0.51

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Material : Synthetic Leather
Elasticity :
Made in : 2020-09
Made in : Imported
Made By : An affiliated company of Styleonme
Tips for Purchasing :
Washing :

(unit : cm / inch)
SIZEHeel HeightPlatformWidthCalfFull Height
240(기준)5.5 / 2.22.4 / 0.98 / 3.122 / 8.726 / 10.2

Material and Care : Machine Washable. Turn inside out and place the garment into the laundry net. Knitwear Washing Method / Gently hand wash the garment to prevent naps and snags. / Garments with beaded decors should not be creased or folded when laundering. / Dry cleaning is recommended as hand-washing may damage the fabric or the fit of the garment. / Dark colored trousers (especially jeans) are dyed. To prevent the dye from transferring, avoid wearing dark colored garments with light colored ones until they are washed several times. Dark colored garments should be hand washed separately using a mild detergent. Raising the water temperature to 30°C and over, may cause the garment to shrink. We will not be responsible for items damaged or destroyed during laundering or dry cleaning. Please refer to the washing method at the bottom of the page.

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