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New Arrivals
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    • Check Print Two Button Tailored Jacket
    • ♬ LouisAngel designed check print blazer ♬
      Securing the quality under the label LouisAngel, the simple check print with copper cuffs make this item stylish and unique ♡ Perfect to wear with formal slacks, jeans and skirts!
    • US$ 92.65
    • Luxury Print V-Neck Collared Tee
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed wrap shirt ☆
      A great shirt to wear with classic bottoms! The vibrant pattern when combined with a black collar creates elegance ☆
    • US$ 30.99
    • Paisley Print Gold Button V-Neck Chiffon Dress
    • A soft chiffon paisley pattern dress ☆
      Create an easy bohemian look with this dress!
      ♡ Also cute with a white jumper or sweatshirt matched on top ♡
    • US$ 57.30
    • Mix Pattern Blouson Jacket
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed mix pattern blouson jacket ☆
      A feminine and sporty twist to your classic blouson jacket ☆
    • US$ 104.16 US$ 88.53 (↓15.00%)
    • Check Print Belt Tie Flared Shirt Dress
    • ♡ LouisAngel designed Shirt Dress ♡
      Delicate combination of fine check and large check print to enhance your autumn mood ☆
    • US$ 97.03
    • Metallic Slim Wrap Style Dress
    • ♬ LouisAngel designed v-neck tight wrap dress ♬
      A delicately designed wrap dress that will emphasize your glamorous silhouette ☆
    • US$ 42.10
    • French Chic Check Print Belted Jacket
    • ♡ LouisAngel designed Check Print Belted jacket ♡
      Belted Check Blazer to look smart ☆ A long lasting season-less item
    • US$ 110.42
    • French Chic Etnic Print Ribbon Tie Blouse
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed chiffon blouse ☆
      A stylish two-print combined blouse with a vintage twist ♡
    • US$ 62.82
    • Frill Trim Floral Lace Blouse Cardigan
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed lace cardigan ☆
      Delicately woven lace with frills to enhance your gracious look ☆
    • US$ 54.73
    • Check Print Button-Up Ruffle Blouse
    • ♡ LouisAngel designed Blouse ♡
      Stay in line with the FW20 trend! Unique large check print with ruffles at the front makes this a fashionable and charming item to have !!
    • US$ 57.30
    • Sleeve Cuff Detail Classic Trench Coat
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed trench coat ☆
      Be prepared for Autumn with this camel colored trench coat ♡
    • US$ 131.06
    • Devil Fit Slim Wide Leg Pants vol.35
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed Devil Fit Pants ☆
      Our signature piece that will make your legs look slim ♡ these pants are a must considering its quality and price
    • US$ 58.24 US$ 46.59 (↓20.00%)
    • Ethnic Belt Mix Print Ribbon Tie Blouse
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed blouse ☆
      The extraordinary combination of the prints with the long ribbon strap makes this a special piece to wear ☆
    • US$ 61.40
    • Velvet Lace Detail Frill Blouse
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed frill blouse ☆
      The delicate velvet stitching on lace makes this a unique blouse ☆ The frill design highlights the classic vintage style look
    • US$ 50.29
    • Check Print Ribbon Tie Chiffon Blouse
    • ♡ LouisAngel designed chiffon blouse ♡
      This blouse has a v-neck with a frill, ribbon tie and puff sleeves that create a casual but charming look
    • US$ 58.99
    • Frill Chiffon Ribbon Tie Blouse
    • ♡ LouisAngel designed blouse ♡
      This ribbon sheer blouse is perfect to look elegant and charming in one night ☆
    • US$ 54.73
    • Fall Mood Perfect Line Collection Trench Coat
    • ♡ LouisAngel designed Trench coat ♡
      Proudly presenting another design to our most-loved collection of trench coats
    • US$ 152.73 US$ 129.82 (↓15.00%)
    • High End Collection Two Button Tailored Jacket
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed suit jacket ☆
      Enjoy this classic piece of our PREMIUM LINE.
    • US$ 111.45 US$ 94.73 (↓15.00%)
    • Classic Check Print Tailored Jacket
    • ☆LouisAngel designed Blazer ☆
      This tailored jacket can be styled both formally to work or casually with jeans ♡ A classic piece to wear on a windy day!
    • US$ 105.26 US$ 89.47 (↓15.00%)
    • Metallic Gold Pleated Skirt
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed Pleated Metallic Skirt ☆
      Every step you take will be eye-catching in this skirt ♡
    • US$ 64.47
    • Ethnic Print Ribbon Tie Chiffon Blouse
    • ☆ LouisAngel designed ribbon chiffon blouse ☆
      The combination of see-through pearl stripe chiffon with the ethnic prints have been designed to satisfy our customers. Please handle this item with much love and care ♡
    • US$ 58.24
    • Gold Jacquard Detail Frill Chiffon Blouse
    • ♬ LouisAngel designed Frilled Chiffon Blouse ♬
      The gold printed detail, see-through sleeves and mock-neck design were all made with great care ♡
    • US$ 50.05
    • Basic Check Print Long Jacket
    • ☆ Basic Check Print Long Jacket to wear to work ☆
      This LouisAngel designed jacket will make you look carelessly trendy ♡
    • US$ 149.63 US$ 127.18 (↓15.00%)
    • Wide Collar Belt Strap Trench Coat
    • Our LouisAngel designed Trench Coat ♡
      This item looks especially great with the buttons on ♥
      A classic trench coat to own in your wardrobe
    • US$ 144.47 US$ 122.79 (↓15.00%)
    • Gold Detail Belt Strap Tailored Jacket
    • LouisAngel designed Jacket with gold details ☆ stay sophisticated with this trendy jacket ☆
    • US$ 105.26
    • Ethnic Print Frill Mock Neck Blouse
    • LouisAngel designed blouse ☆
      This ethnic design with delicate frill is made with special care ♡ The soft frill on the shoulders hide your upper arm area whilst the slight balloon shape on the arm makes this product more luxurious
    • US$ 58.24
    • Metallic Leaf Shirred Belt Set Wrap Dress
    • LouisAngel designed Dress ♡
      We combined your favorite prints and fabric together to give you this sexy v-neck wrap dress
    • US$ 54.73
    • Innovative Leather Pleated Long Skirt
    • LouisAngel Designed Pleated Skirt ☆
      Innovative leather material was used to stay trendy yet maintain our attitude to stay cautious of our surroundings ♡ This pleated maxi skirt can be enjoyed with any tops ♡
    • US$ 65.57
    • Metallic Puff Sleeve Blouse Tee
    • LouisAngel designed blouse ☆
      This blouse is made with delicate metallic material ☆ This combination of metallic fabric, mock neck line and puff sleeves will make you look ever more glamorous ☆
    • US$ 31.34
    • Paisley & Check Mix Print Frill Blouse
    • ♡ Cute country look ♡
      The combination of paisley and check print makes this shirt ever more unique!
    • US$ 52.63
    • Gold Button Classic Collection Tailored Jacket
    • A classic blazer that can be styled with jeans on a casual day or worn with your suit trousers for an important meeting ♬
    • US$ 102.85
    • Fabric Detail Short Rider Jacket
    • Look gracefully chic with this short rider jacket ♬ The belt on the waist makes this jacket ever more elegant
      Designed by LouisAngel
    • US$ 118.98 US$ 101.13 (↓15.00%)