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    • Seamless Slim Jacket
    • Light chiffon layer that flows as the wind blows. Great item to put on for a smart look.
      (Available in lilac pink, beige, black, blue and ivory)
    • US$ 42.78
    • Puff Tulip Sleeves Summer Chiffon Blouse
    • Elegant puff tulip sleeves blouse to wear for work or smart occasions. Recommended with slacks and pencil skirts.
      (Available in ivory, light mint, light pink, light blue, wine and navy)
    • US$ 34.47 US$ 24.12 (↓30.00%)
    • Innocence Floral Maxi Skirt
    • Elegant chiffon skirt with floral prints. Comes straight down to the ankle, this is a great item to keep for a sunny look.
    • US$ 57.21
    • Afternoon Tea Floral Print Chiffon Dress
    • Chiffon floral print dress with sweet shirred sleeves. Features high waist waist that creates a lean and long silhouette.
      (Available in light purple, light pink and black)
    • US$ 63.99
    • Patchwork Mix Pattern Chiffon Blouse
    • Lovely polka dot, stripe, floral print mix pattern patch blouse perfect for weekend garden parties! Features puff sleeves to escalate the romantic moo.d
      (Available in apricot beige and ivory)
    • US$ 57.21
    • Angel Chiffon Cardigan
    • Lovely chiffon cardigan with angel-like design. Easy item to match with light summer dresses or on top of your swimsuit!
      (Available in light blue, beige, black and ivory)
    • US$ 36.43
    • Extra Light Maxi Chiffon Skirt
    • Chiffon maxi skirt with ribbon tie waist. Looks better at every step.
      (Available in light purple, black and cream ivory)
    • US$ 59.86
    • Monochrome Ribbon Tie Chiffon Blouse
    • Elegant summer ribbon tie blouse made with sheer chiffon fabric. Soft on skin, this blouse is lined on the body.
      (Available in black and ivory)
    • US$ 41.80
    • Flamingo Chiffon Angel Sleeves Blouse
    • ♡ Designed by Styleonme ♡
      Hot and Spicy~ This bright colored blouse features frill sleeves to cover any areas you wished to hide.
    • US$ 38.63
      • Chiffon Frill Detail Flat Sandals
      • Lovely chiffon frill sandals that preserves elegance.
        (Available in ivory, beige, mint, purple and black)
      • US$ 35.20
        • 6 Color Wide Shirred Strap Flat Sandals
        • Wide pastel colored flat sandals to keep in every color! Best matched with maxi chiffon dresses.
          (Available in ivory, yellow, black, indi pink, purple and blue)
        • US$ 22.00
        • Bright Floral Mix Angel Sleeves Chiffon Blouse
        • ♡ Designed by Styleonme ♡
          This floral print blouse features angelic sleeves and ruffle details. Best matched with jeans or mermaid skirts.
        • US$ 56.23
        • Button Up Puff Sleeves Floral Chiffon Dress
        • ♡ Designed by Styleonme ♡
          Romantic floral print dress with puffed chiffon sleeves for an airy texture and non-translucent body. Great item that fits to the waistline and flows softly down.
          (Available in red and navy)
        • US$ 89.44
        • Scoop Neck Lace Puff Sleeves Knit Top
        • Lovely puff sleeves knit top with a sexy contrasting strap back. Features scoop neck, form fitting ribbed knit body and chiffon puff sleeves for an elegant look. Great item to wear for work with a pair of high waisted slacks.
          (Available in black and ivory)
        • US$ 29.33
        • French Garden Frill Wrap Dress
        • Make wardrobes bright but heavier! This lovely chiffon dress features wrap tie, frill back collar.
          (Available in light green and mint)
        • US$ 90.82
        • Pearl Necklace Balloon Sleeves Chiffon Blouse
        • Romantic satin blouse with frill collar and pearl neckline. Great to wear for special occasions from weddings to smart summer parties.
          (Available in navy, light blue, brown, pink beige)
        • US$ 52.81
        • Square Tropical Hologram Print T-shirt
        • Stylish t-shirt featuring tropical hologram mixed print. Great to wear with maxi chiffon skirts and jeans/slacks!
          (Available in light blue, ivory, black and light beige)
        • US$ 25.67
        • Petal Chiffon Wrap Dress
        • Romantic chiffon wrap dress with frilled layers that look better at every step. Romantic item to keep for dates with friends or lovers.
          (Available in black and ivory)
        • US$ 74.31
        • Lavender Frill Sleeves Chiffon Blouse
        • Dainty lavender printed blouse crafted with soft chiffon. Great item to wear with a midi and mini skirt.
        • US$ 41.80
        • Ethnic Chiffon Puff Sleeve Lace Blouse
        • Premium lace blouse with an ethnic touch. Slightly sheer in pattern, its time to show some elegant and mature sexiness
          (Available in black and ivory)
        • US$ 37.40
        • Dainty Floral Chiffon Wrap Maxi Dress
        • Not too revealing, this soft chiffon dress holds onto the high waist for a long and lean look.
          (Available in light blue and light pink)
        • US$ 78.44
        • Splatter Layered Midi Chiffon Skirt
        • Double layered chiffon skirt with artistic splatter prints. Timeless item to wear for many summers.
          (Available in black and ivory)
        • US$ 46.21
        • Summer Light Slim Bootcut Jeans
        • Cropped bootcut jeans with a high waist fit. Very flattering to wear with a light chiffon blouse.
        • US$ 41.80
        • Contrast Frill Neckline Knit Dress
        • Lovely knit dress that fits the form till the waist and flares delicately out with chiffon. Features asymmetric frill details for a contemporary romantic style.
          (Available in beige and black)
        • US$ 51.34 US$ 35.93 (↓30.00%)
        • Lace Trim Smock Cropped Cami
        • Form-fitting, cropped and smocked to bring you a timeless essential for warm days. Pair this item with jeans or a soft chiffon maxi skirt.
          (Available in black and ivory)
        • US$ 15.40
        • Deep Neck Floral Pattern Chiffon Maxi Dress
        • Lovely floral pattern chiffon dress that has a deep cut, knot tie shoulders and a deep neckline. Layer this item with a cute cami or a t-shirt.
          (Available in black and ivory)
        • US$ 59.86
        • Irresistible Chiffon Contrast Collar Slim fit Dress
        • Femme dress with contrasting chiffon collar and sleeves! Great item to wear for weddings, dates and other special occasions.
          (Available in black and cream ivory)
        • US$ 92.88
        • Rose Jacquard Puff Sleeves Chiffon Blouse
        • Luxurious chiffon blouse in hand paint -like bright rose prints. Great item to wear with bootcut slacks or skirts.
          (Available in light purple and red black)
        • US$ 59.86
        • Chiffon Layered Mermaid Midi skirt
        • Form hugging midi skirt that flares out at the end. An item to keep that elevates the curves.
          (Available in black, blue and ivory)
        • US$ 46.21
        • Dressy Sheer Chiffon Skort
        • Elegant wide leg skort crafted with sheer fabric. Great item to feel safe but sexy.
          (Available in brown, black, blue, indi pink and cream ivory)
        • US$ 28.11
        • Lily Flare Chiffon Skirt
        • Available in ivory and black
        • US$ 37.89
        • 3/4 Sleeve Lovely Ruffle Chiffon Blouse
        • Lovely chiffon blouse with ruffle and sailor collar details. Versatile item to wear with both slacks and skirts.
          (Available in light yellow, light pink and ivory)
        • US$ 41.80