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    • Soft Floral Pattern Ruffle Chiffon Shirt
    • ♡ Designed by Styleonme ♡
      Elegant chiffon blouse with soft floral prints. Delicate chiffon frills add a charming element to your look.
      (Available in Yellow Gray and Peach Beige)
    • US$ 60.96
    • Color Check Luxe Equestrian Chiffon Shirt
    • A bright colored blouse with equestrian prints on a checker board style print! A luxurious item with a modern vintage twist.
      (Available in Red and Black)
    • US$ 57.23
    • Square Patchwork Printed Chiffon Dress
    • A luxurious patchwork print on a soft winter dress!
      (Available in Beige and Black)
    • US$ 82.89
    • Romantic Knit and Chiffon Dress
    • A unique trendy knit and chiffon combined dress. Stylishly wear this item with a cute baker boy hat to grab more wanted attention
      (Available in Black and Ivory)
    • US$ 45.61 US$ 31.92 (↓30.00%)
    • Velvet Blouse with Floral Print Chiffon Sleeves
    • ♡ Only available at Styleonme ♡
      Luxurious item with premium velvet fabric mixed with sexy floral print sleeves
    • US$ 40.58
    • Gold Button Tweed Midi Dress with Chiffon Sleeves
    • Elegant. Feminine. Luxury. All in one item. Crafted with a mix of premium tweed and chiffon fabric, this dress dress is structured on the side to create a femme silhouette
      (Available in Black and Cream Ivory)
    • US$ 72.91
    • Floral Print Maxi Dress with Chiffon and Knit Combined Texture
    • A romantic and classic dress! Stay looking young and romantic with the delicate floral pattern
      (Available in Beige Pink and Black)
    • US$ 42.10 US$ 29.47 (↓30.00%)
    • Vertical Stripe and Chain Print Ribbon Blouse
    • Easy chiffon blouse with alluring chain and ribbon stripe print. Designed with a ribbon tie, this is a great item to look elegant and chic.
      (Available in Black and Peach Beige)
    • US$ 63.15
    • Velvet Ribbon Lace Sleeve Pleated Chiffon Blouse
    • A feminine pleated blouse with lace sleeves! Great staple elegant piece to have in your wardrobe!
      (Available in Black, Ivory and Cream Beige)
    • US$ 57.23
    • Brushed Rose Print Tie Blouse
    • Large soft toned rose prints on chiffon! Pay attention to the details of the puff sleeve, and rose tie for an elegant sophisticated style.
      (Available in Pink, Beige and Black)
    • US$ 63.15
    • Gold Polka Dot Chiffon Blouse
    • Gold Polka dot print on delicate sheer chiffon fabric! Why not show your festive mood with this blouse?
      (Available in Black and Ivory)
    • US$ 59.21
    • Ethnic Mood Gold Jacquard Flared Dress
    • ♡ Only available at Styleonme ♡
      Made with elegant gold jacquard patterned design, this is an easy chiffon dress to wear at any season!
    • US$ 138.28
    • Ethnic Print Layered Dress
    • The layered chiffon detail in combination with the delightful ethnic prints invites motion to each step ♡ A key fashionable piece to own
    • US$ 45.02 US$ 31.51 (↓30.00%)
    • Knit Combined Flower Print Chiffon Dress
    • A unique dress that combined materials of knit and chiffon! Perfect transitional piece ♡
    • US$ 45.61 US$ 31.92 (↓30.00%)
    • Check Print Ribbon Tie Chiffon Blouse
    • ♡ LouisAngel designed chiffon blouse ♡
      This blouse has a v-neck with a frill, ribbon tie and puff sleeves that create a casual but charming look
    • US$ 58.99
    • Floral Print Ruffle Chiffon Flared Dress
    • Chiffon V-neck floral print dress that will naturally bring you to the spotlight. This elegant high-waisted floral dress is perfect for your date night ♡
    • US$ 79.82
      • Check Print Chiffon Collared Blouse
      • US$ 50.05
      • Floral Lace Detail Chiffon Cardigan Jacket
      • US$ 30.17
      • Lace Back Detail Chiffon Flared Cardigan Jacket
      • US$ 27.48
      • Chiffon Scarf Detail Linen-Blend Jacket
      • US$ 62.28
        • Violet Chiffon Hair Tie
        • US$ 16.37
          • Pearl & Cubic Detail See-through Chiffon Brooch
          • US$ 23.39
            • Chiffon Petite Ribbon Brooch
            • US$ 30.40
              • Flower Motif Chiffon Brooch
              • US$ 18.71
              • Feminine Chiffon Blouse
              • US$ 39.76
                • Chiffon Detail Long Cardigan
                • US$ 34.85